In 2017 we provided a communication solution with sequential email blasts to GYNECOLOGISTS with information about endometriosis treatment with DECAPEPTYL. The laboratory’s intention was to assess the impact of digital actions on drug prescription in a selection of provinces as a test.


We started with a selection of gynecologists in public and private practice in 5 provinces of average size and income level representative of the average for the rest of Spain.

Decapeptyl is a drug known to gynecologists, so we focus on the following concepts:

    Engaging communications that grabbed attention.

    The product logo stood out in all communications since one of the main objectives was brand recall.

    Communications focused on the efficacy of the product and the treatments for which it is indicated: endometriosis and uterine fibroids.

    With a different argument depending on the type of consultation, we made phone calls on behalf of the laboratory and asked the physician if he/she was treating endometriosis and uterine fibroids in order to send DECAPEPTYL medical health information by email.

    The calls were recorded including a legal phrase in the argument to comply with current data protection legislation.

    Six e-mailings were sent through an exclusive e-mail account for the laboratory from our data management and processing platform.

In the first 3 shipments, the opening rate exceeded 40%.


  • The closer the email is to the phone call, the higher the open rate. We recommend simultaneous telephone calls and emailing actions.
  • From the third image onwards the opening percentage started to drop because the design remained constant and the physician perceived that he was getting the same thing. Therefore, we recommend changing the design after the 3rd shipment.
  • The holiday period affects the opening ratio, so we recommend actions from January to June and from September to December 15.

Due to the good results obtained, IPSEN PHARMA decided to extrapolate the action to a national level with a sequence of 5 emailings.
It should be noted that 88% of the centers with the specialty of GYNECOLOGY treat endometriosis.

Below are the 5 submissions made to Gynecologists who treat endometriosis:

62% of the physicians called accepted emailing to receive information about endometriosis treatment.

The average open rate for all shipments was 27%.

The HIGHEST opening ratio was 38% and the LOWEST was 19%.

The highest opening ratio was with a paper on how endometriosis affects women of reproductive age.

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