We have worked for 6 years, in collaboration with the ANIMAL HEALTH division, to generate attendance to face-to-face and on-line VETERIANARIES events about their products ADVANTIX, VERAFLOX, SERESTO and ADVOCATE.
In 2011, for the first time in Spain, an on-line conference was held on a new study of Leishmania and other vector-borne diseases. Our mission consisted of phoning veterinarians to register on the website as attendees and emailing them access to the registration page.
The success achieved with the call made us the agency in charge of communications to Bayer’s veterinarians.
We have encouraged attendance at workshops and face-to-face events in several provinces of Spain. We also collaborate in the photography and video testimonials of the execution of the events.
In 2015 we achieved the highest results in this type of event with the 5th CVBD WEBCONFERENCE.
The success consisted in the good coordination of channels at the right time and in the right quantity.


Presentation on behalf of BAYER motivating the attendance to the webconference and explaining how to do it with call recording. Obtaining email and mobile phone numbers of veterinarians wishing to receive connection reminders.

In 11 days 37% of the veterinarians called say they will attend the webconference.


Emailing to different selections of veterinarians 3 times with link to attendee registration from the email account.

5% of the veterinarians were registered through emailing.


The veterinarians who provided their cell phone in the recorded phone call received a REMINDER OF THE CONNECTIONS on behalf of BAYER with LINK TO THE WEB for registration and the possibility to UNSUBSCRIBE by email via SMS message.
Messages were sent from our technical platform with data processing and confirmation of receptions, controlling SMS sending times to the maximum.

Communications to the cell phone were made 1 hour and a quarter before the connections.


We manage the good coordination of the different forms of contact to achieve maximum efficiency.

We had 1,065 online attendees, the highest number of attendees in Europe.

Interview with Montserrat Tarancón,
Veterinary Technical Director of Bayer’s Animal Health Division.
of Bayer’s Animal Health Division.

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