We have been working for 3 years to generate SALES DIGITAL SALES PHARMACIES for the promotion of the products
We also collaborate in the COMMERCIAL STRATEGY through trainings in aesthetic centers for the prevention of cellulite in buttocks, abdomen and half legs.

In April 2008, for the first time, the laboratory made a change in its approach to sales to pharmacies and we offered the possibility of conducting a small test.

We started with a random selection of 100 pharmacy records from Spain.

We transform the usual promotion of the laboratory with the sales network into an argumentation formed by a telephone script, objection handling, response coding and order form.

During the telephone conversation, it was possible that some of the interlocutors might ask the teleoperators about issues related to the LOPD, so we also prepared a specific argument for these questions.

We make phone calls on behalf of the laboratory to the purchasing manager or pharmacy owner offering the promotion associated with the purchase of your anti-cellulite.

The calls were recorded including a legal phrase in the argument to comply with current data protection legislation.

Emailings were sent through an exclusive email account for the laboratory from our data management and processing platform.

We made 11% of the ORDERS on records called.

The number of units sold and the turnover achieved in just one week was a revelation of a new commercial technique.

The success achieved with the call made us the agency in charge of the TELEVENTA TO SELL THE ENTIRE RANGE OF OTC PRODUCTS.
agency in charge of the TELESALE TO SELL THE WHOLE RANGE OF Almirall’s OTC PRODUCTS
of Almirall’s OTC products throughout Spain.




In 2009 we achieved the highest results in order generation through a process composed of the actions described below:


We formalize a contract for the provision of services, confidentiality and processing of personal data.

We searched the yellow pages for pharmacies to validate the public data and matched the yellow pages record with an identifying number.

We update the data of the located pharmacies and treat the new file for the realization of telesales consisting of:

  • Pharmacies visited by ethical delegates but not OTC.
  • Pharmacies not visited by Almirall located in yellow pages.
Two categorized FICHES were generated with differentiated commercial strategies.


We created a promotion accompanied by a specific training service through 33 esthetic centers throughout Spain.

The trainings helped pharmacists to better advise on the use of anti-cellulite and slimming massage.

We generate a brand image associated with quality products.


We designed a very visual interactive order form to make the communication very clear and versatile to the purchasing needs.


We create and produce the telephone scripts so that the pharmacist wants to buy Almirall’s products on promotion:

  • From March 17 to July 13, 2009, THIOMUCASE was promoted.
  • From October 5 to November 3, 2009, BLASTOESTIMULINA was promoted.
  • From November 3, 2009 to December 21, 2009, BLASTOACTIVA was promoted.

We train the team to be experts in the advantages of ALMIRALL products.

We commercialize the whole range of products: ALMAX, CALMATEL, HYDROXYL.

We always directed the pharmacist who did not place an order to the promotional product’s website.

In one year, 63,239 UNITS of product with the entire OTC range were sold


We generate an ALMIRALL order form for the signature and stamp of the pharmacy as acceptance of the purchase.

We transform the order form into an image and send it by e-mail/fax to the pharmacy.

We receive by e-mail or fax the ok to the order and claim the orders not received.

We train pharmacists on how to send e-mails for order management.

We manage orders by creating a database of ALMIRALL telesales pharmacies.

In many cases, this was the first time that the pharmacist had placed an order through digital
through digital media.


We manage the good coordination of the different forms of contact to achieve maximum efficiency.

The pharmacist received the order form on the same day of the call. In some cases we generated a second call to receive the pharmacist’s approval within 2 to 3 days from the e-mail. It takes a maximum of 48 hours to process the transfer/direct order.

We sort by zones the direct orders of more than 500 euros to send them by e-mail to ALMIRALL’s zone managers.

We order by WHOLESALER the transfer orders and send them by e-mail/fax to the wholesalers.

In approximately 5 days the sale was in the hands of the delegate or wholesaler.


We made a courtesy call to all telesales pharmacies to confirm that the order had arrived correctly.

In the case of incidents, we discovered the reason for the incident and we reworked with area managers and wholesalers the orders NOT received or incomplete.

Sometimes a second sale was generated that improved the results.


With the slogan “OUT WITH CELLULITIS” we offered a training service provided by 33 aesthetic centers throughout Spain, courtesy of LABORATORIOS ALMIRALL S.A.

By means of a training booklet provided by the delegate, the pharmacy could call the center of its choice in its area at least one week in advance to arrange a date and time.

The service consisted of 30 minutes of CELLULITE PREVENTION TREATMENT on the buttocks, abdomen and mid-legs with training on how to inform clients on the best way to massage the affected areas.

At the end of the session, a CD with a power point presentation was given to the attendees so that the doctors could advise the clients who buy THIOMUCASE.


The percentage of sales with respect to the called registration was 7%.

The average order when accompanied by formations
was €275.

The average order for known OTC products was €225.

The average order for NEW OTC products was 140 €.

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